Themed engagement photos

I’ve been noticing a trend lately that couples are theming their engagement photos. has a collection of some really creative and amazing ones.

Here are my favorite 5 themes:

1) Indiana Jones. It was so hard to choose which photo to put on here because there was some really fun and cute ones. OK, fine. Here’s two.

Diana Rush photography

Diana Rush photography

Diana Rush photography

Diana Rush photography


2) Water balloon fight. This one was kind of just the couple busting water balloons over each others’ heads but the guy’s facial expressions makes them worth looking at. Plus they probably had a lot of fun, too.

Allebach Photography

Allebach Photography

3) Vintage Aviation. Both the bride and groom-to-be look stunning in these photos.

Dulce & Bellezza Photography

Dulce & Bellezza Photography

4) Facebook.  Yes. You read that right.

Creative Soul Photography

Creative Soul Photography

5) Harry Potter. I’m not a Harry Potter fan but this is pretty cute.

Brooke Aliceon

Brooke Aliceon

Which is your favorite of the photos? Also, here’s a weird bear one for good measure.



Lafayette area bridal show

The annual bridal show held in the Purdue Memorial Union, “Classic Elegance Bridal Expo,”  is set to take place this Sunday.

Featuring more than 70 vendors, the event begins at 12 p.m. and runs until 4 p.m. Tickets are $5 and can be purchased at the door of the Union Ballrooms.

Florists, DJ’s and live music, caterers, jewelry, photo, cake, and reception accessory vendors, among many others, will be in attendance.

Union restaurants Freshens, Oasis, Pappy’s, Sagamore, Union Market, Villa Pizza and Starbucks will also be open for your convenience during the event.

All proceeds from the expo will benefit Family Services, Inc.

Push for same sex marriages



A push for marriage equality for same sex couples took a large leap forward today with an advertisement featuring representatives from both parties.

Quotes from Laura Bush, Dick Cheney, Barack Obama and Colin Powell were all used in a television ad in favor of same sex marriage. The ad was sponsored by the Respect for Marriage Coalition; the group spent $1 million on the campaign.

Print and digital ads will accompany the campaign, including full-page ads to be placed in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post.

Coalition co-chair Evan Wolfson was asked if the political leaders’ permission was asked before using the quotes.

“These are all thoughtful leaders. They choose their words carefully,” Wolfson told MSNBC “They’re already on the record. They’re public. We want the country to hear it and see it and embrace it.”

The Coalition was led by the Human Rights Campaign and Freedom to Marry and said it is the first time in history that LGBT organizations have come together to fund a national ad buy.

For the full story plus a video, see

A little fun

Parks and Recreation is one of my favorite TV shows, so I find this pretty funny.

In Thursday night’s episode of Parks and Rec, Ben asked Leslie to marry him at a gala they were hosting to raise money to build a park on a plot of land. If you aren’t familiar with the show, the two were already engaged but just couldn’t wait to be married and wanted the whole town in attendance at their big day. The gala turned out to be the perfect spot and the episode ends with a “To Be Continued.”

Earlier in the episode, Ben and Leslie asked Tom, their high maintenance, style savvy, materialistic coworker to help them with their gift registry. The idea for the gala was born from Leslie not wanting any things for the wedding, but for money for the park.

NBC put together this chuckle-worthy list of all the things Tom thinks Ben and Leslie, and every other engaged couple, should have at their wedding.

One item on the list is the Loro Piana Tibet throw blanket. His description: “The Holy Grail of throw blankets, made with baby cashmere, a rare fiber from the underfleece of goats, this is worth each thousand of dollars.”

He also suggests crab zippers, “If you’re using a claw cracker on crab legs, you may as well be a caveman.”

Check out Tom’s full wedding registry list.

Ready for wedding season

Makenzie Kus

Makenzie Kus

As of now, wedding vendors are booking enough events to keep them busy throughout the wedding season of May through October. The same is true for Makenzie Kus, owner and decorator at Something Blue Bakery in downtown Lafayette.

Kus has had many requests for cakes in the year that she has owned Something Blue, including incorporating Star Wars and Day of the Dead onto a cake. While she can do the crazy requests, most of her wedding orders are for elegant, sleeker cakes. On cakes such as those she gets to use some of her favorite techniques, such as fabric imitation.

“I do love making sugar flowers, and then kind of creating the right color to go with their wedding. Especially if it’s a unique flower. Roses are beautiful, too.”

She offers just about any flavor combination a bride and groom can think up, and her own favorite is cinnamon sugar swirl.

The most classic size for a cake is four tiers. If a bride and groom want the same look as a four tiered cake without the cost, Kus suggests faux layers or sheet cake.

“There’s a lot of different options,” Kus said. “You could do just a small little cake and then sheet cakes. That will save you. Especially if your venue has a back area, you’d never see the sheet cakes.”

For some photos of Kus’s decorating, see Something Blue Bakery’s Facebook page.

Taking it online

Wedding websites are becoming a popular way to communicate details of the couple and ceremony with friends, family and guests.

Some couples even send links to their wedding websites in emails in place of traditional invitations. This is a big change from our parents’ time. The ability to personalize wedding details in this way, from decorations to the food that is served, has driven the cost of the wedding skyward. However, this may be one way to save money, while being contemporary and individualized at the same time.

Check out some really creative wedding websites.

Valentines Day

Valentines Day and New Years Eve are the two most popular days for proposals in the United States each year. While I didn’t get a proposal, I did celebrate Valentines Day early.

Jurassic Park is my boyfriend Brian’s favorite book and movie, so I bought him a 3D Jurassic Park game from the ’90s. He was pretty excited. We got to play it this weekend.

Here’s some photos.

Weddings on a budget


Photo by Pat Wright

Photo by Pat Wright


Couples who choose to get married right out of college usually have to do so on a tight budget. Here are some tips for keeping weddings reasonable.

1) Ask for help from your friends. Have a good event planning friend? Ask them to be your wedding planner.

2) Make things yourself. Wedding pieces will be cheaper if you make it than if you buy it.

3) Pick a smaller diamond. Smaller diamonds in more intricate setting make for a more unique ring anyway.

4) Have the ceremony and reception in the same building. This one would be hard to organize but is a simple logic. There’d be only one bill to rent a place.

5) If you don’t like something traditional, there’s no point in having it in your wedding just for tradition’s sake.

For insight from a college couple who put on their wedding for $800, see here.