No cake?

Photo by Erica Obrien

Photo by Erica Obrien

A rising trend in wedding planning is using an alternative to the traditional tiered cake. This is great for the young couple because it is possible other options could end up costing less than a cake from a bakery.

The desire to individualize one’s wedding is leading to DIY cakes and cupcakes. I even attended a friend from high school’s wedding and the two chose to serve ice cream sundaes instead of cake. It was especially convenient, sensible and fitting because the bride’s family has a (delicious) homemade ice cream business.

Here are some fun alternatives to traditional cakes:

1) Pies. sells individual mini-pies. Pies would give more options for wedding guests and are a way to do something out of the ordinary.

2) Candy buffet. For those that still have the taste for cake, add a few cake pops within the options for guests.

3) Upscale s’mores. This is a really cool and tasty idea. Order flavored, homemade marshmallows from a local candy store and let your guests do the work. It’s perfect for a laid-back summer wedding.

4) DIY. For those of you who want the traditional wedding cake or cupcakes but can’t afford to have it made in a bakery, try it yourself. It could take some practice. But here’s a guide.

5) Jell-o shots. Yes. If you want the classiest wedding EVER, you should probably go with Jell-o shots. Just look at it. Masterpiece. I couldn’t resist.

What’s the most creative alternative to cake you’ve seen at a wedding?


Social media mashup for weddings

Around 2/3 of brides say social media was or will be a part of their wedding day.

Now, David’s Bridal has announced a new wedding planning tool called “My Event,” that will allow couples to plan all aspects of their special day online. Features include a newsfeed where brides can share details of the planning and get feedback from those invited into the network. It also includes “mood boards” where brides can post samples of their wedding day vision,much like Pinterest.

The Knot‘s “My Knot” offers similar tools, however, the newsfeed is something different offered by David’s Bridal. It seems David’s Bridal has created a balanced mix between the features of multiple social media sites for wedding planning.

It will be interesting to see if the social approach to planning will put brides at ease with arranging the details or if features such as the newsfeed – where anyone you invite can add instant input – will add more stress.

For the full article about David’s Bridal’s “My Event,” see PR Newswire.

A Mattel wedding


Photo by Beatrice de Guigne

One of the most treasured tokens from a wedding day – besides the marriage – sometimes turns out to be the wedding album. Apparently even dolls can have really nice wedding photos.

There’s a very creative photographer out there named Beatrice de Guigne who turned Barbie and Ken’s wedding into a real thing. She set up the two dolls and took shots of the duo in all of the traditional wedding scenes from the bride getting ready before the ceremony to the first dance at the reception. The photos were first featured on Rock n Roll Bride and then picked up by Glamour.

For the full gallery, take a look.

I always thought more than four dolls would come to Barbie’s wedding though. Let me know what you think of the shots.


In my psychology class senior year of high school our teacher said to us: “Thirty percent of your graduating class will be married in three years.”

None of us believed there would be that many of us getting married so soon. Either fortunately or unfortunately – you take your pick – he probably underestimated that number.

My name is Tara and I’m a senior studying mass communication at Purdue University. I come from a small town near Richmond, Indiana, where getting married is pretty common shortly after high school.

Many many of my classmates and a few students younger and older than me have gotten married by the age of 21. I’ve always liked weddings, and the occurence of watching so many of my friends choose to start their lives in that way made me think about blogging for those future brides and grooms in college or on a budget.

If you come back, some things you will get to see on here include how social media is changing weddings for our generation, Purdue and other Big Ten wedding facts and traditions, and classy, timeless wedding ideas for a tight budget.

I hope you’ll enjoy what’s in store. Feel free to send ideas and suggestions if there’s a topic you’d like to know more about.